Ugadhi Pachadi

My mom used to make the Ugadi pachadi every year for Ugadi. This is my mom's recipe with my little twists to make it a bit tasty.
There is a story behind the Ugadi pachadi I used to hear all the time while I was a kid. This pachadi consists of six tastes (shadruchulu) which represents all the different emotions of life. This Pachadi tells you that just like this combination of all the different ingredients makes the pachadi tasteful, life is combination of all different emotions and you have to work it out to finally make your life meaningful. Also, Ugadi is the beginning of a another year and making this pachadi symbolically tell you that may the year ahead is filled with all the emotions in the right measurements to make it a golden year.
Enough of my story.. :) is the recipe


1/2 tsp salt  (vuppu/salty)
1/4tsp red chilli powder (karam/spicy)
1/2 cup raw mango/pachi mamidikaya cleaned and finely chopped(Do not peel the skin) (vagaru/Tanginess)
1/2 tbsp neem flowers/vepa puvvu (chedhu/Bitter)
2 tbsp tamarind (pulupu/Sour)
4tbsp grated Jaggery or sugar or honey (teepi/Sweet)
1 tbsp smushed Banana
1tbsp chopped dates


For tamarind Paste

Soak the tamarind in water for 15 minutes and extract the juice from the pulp and discard the pulp. The extract must not be too thick or too thin.
Now in a bowl mix all the ingredients.


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