Aratikaya Vepudu/Raw Plantain Fry

It is raining outside and my palette is expecting something spicy to cope with the rainy weather. I am too tired to make snacks so decided to make some fry curry that works for both chapati(for me) and rice (for hubby dear).. 
That is when the raw plantains that I bought over the weekend caught my eye. Raw plantains are one of the versatile vegetables that can be transformed into gazillion recipes. So, I made simple raw plantain fry(called as aratikaya vepudu in my native language). There are many versions of plantain fry recipes which I make and this is one of them. Give it a try while I enjoy my yummy plantain fry....


3 Plantains
5 Green chillies chopped real fine
1/4 Red chili powder(adjust per your spice levels)
8 Garlic pods skinned and chopped real fine
Salt per taste
2 tbsp Oil 
1 tbsp Ghee

1/2 cup chopped Onion 
Coriander leaves for garnish
5 or 6 curry leaves
1/4 tsp turmeric


1 tbsp chana dal
1/2 tbsp mustard seeds
1/2 tbsp urad dal
1/2 tbsp cumin seeds


Step 1

Take a microwave safe bowl, add water and 1 tsp salt into the bowl. Chop the edges of the plantains and cut them into 2 inch pieces. Microwave on high for about 12 to 15 minutes. Keep checking the pieces so that the pieces does not overcook and become too mushy. Best way to test is, pierce with a fork and fork should go in and come out without any resistance. At this point remove the bowl from the microwave, drain the water and set them aside till they cool down a bit. Once they are cold enough to touch, remove the skins and chop into bite sized pieces. Set aside.

Step 2

Heat oil in a pan. Add the tempering ingredients and let them fry till the dals turn light golden color. Add in curry leaves and let them splutter. Add in garlic and let it fry for couple of seconds.
Add in onion, green chillies, turmeric and little salt. Let them fry till onions are light golden brown.
Add in plantain pieces and fry for 3 to 4 minutes. At this point check the taste and add in red chili powder if needed. Add in ghee and give it a stir.
Turn the heat to high and fry for 2 to 3 minutes. Keep stirring all the time carefully without mashing the pieces. Turn off the heat and garnish with coriander leaves.
Serve hot with white rice or chapati.


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