Mysore Pak

Today I made one of the traditional and melt-in-mouth Indian dish  - Mysore Pak. Many people think this is one sweet which is very hard to make. But if you have time on hand this is one recipe which is real easy to make.
Here is version of Mysore pak recipe from my mother in law. If you follow the exact measurements and procedure there is no way you can go wrong. Knowing the right time to take the mixture off the stove is the key.
Little patience, attention and time is all you need to make this yummy sweet.. Good luck :)


1 cup Besan
2 cups Sugar
3/4 cup water
1 cup Ghee or clarified butter(I melted 1 1/2 cup of butter sticks)


Melt the butter in a pan. Add 3 to 4 tbsp of melted butter(or ghee) to besan flour and mix well. Set aside
Now take a deep plate or baking pan, apply ghee all over the plate and set aside.
Take the sugar and water in a deep pan and place it on medium heat on one stove. On another stove heat the ghee in another pan simultaneously. Let the sugar melt and once it starts boiling and you see vigorous bubbles(soft ball consistency/220F on candy thermometer). At this point start adding in the flour, stirring simultaneously. Once all the flour is added, keep stirring till the flour is formed into thick paste with no lumps. At this point start adding ghee little by little ( couple of spoonfuls at a time). The sugar besan mixture will start absorbing the ghee. Keep stirring and once all the ghee added is absorbed into the mixture add ghee again.
After sometime the mixture will look dry, will stop absorbing the ghee with ghee floating on the top, will start to leave the edges of the pan and starts changing the color. At this point turn off the heat and transfer the mixture to the plate which we greased with ghee earlier and spread evenly (You got to work faster at this point). After 5 minutes cut into desired shapes and set the plate aside. Let the mixture cool.


1. To check the sugar syrup, take water in a flat steel plate and set aside. Once you see bubbles, pour little syrup into the water, wait for couple of seconds and see if you can form the syrup into a small ball. That means the syrup is ready.
2. Do not forget to heat the ghee simultaneously. Ghee should be hot by the time you start adding to the sugar besan mixture.
3. Once the mixture stops absorbing the ghee transfer the mixture immediately to the ghee applied plate. Do not worry about excess ghee. In couple of minutes the mixture absorbs the ghee as well.
4. Every time you add ghee to the mixture, the mixture should become frothy. That froth is what makes the mysore pak airy and the mysore pak will melt in your mouth.
5. Keep stirring all the time. Pay attention to the dish. If you loose the concentration for even a second, you will end up with rock kind of mixture. 


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