About Me

About Me

 Hi, I’m Sirisha born in a small village near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. I am in my early 30's, working in the US, happily married to the most wonderful person, and live in Texas.

What is my wonders all about

To start with, my mom is a good(actually a great) cook and I grew up watching my mom cook with lot of care and love put into her cooking. I still remember how I used to hate a lot of vegetables and diary products including milk and how my mom used to take the extra effort to make delicious recipes to make me eat.

My passion for cooking started right from my childhood where I used to update my mom's diary with recipes. Back then neither there is internet nor my mom is educated. So I am my mom's ghost writer. I used to be enthused with all the different spices and I used to ask my mom all these questions about the ingredients, spices and what impact/taste they have on the dish. My mom patiently used to answer my questions. There lied the seed for my cooking passion. End of part one...

Then I got married got shipped(technically moved) to US, got exposed to global cuisine in the name of food network. In the early days, I used to watch food network all day and used to make notes of my favorite recipes. I even used to buy cookbooks and read them. And then internet did its part too. I started to experiment in my kitchen. I wrote down all my recipes in a diary till date and then I came up with this site. End of part two..

So here I am..creating wonders in my kitchen from what I learned from my mother, browsing, reading and watching TV, adding my own twist on every recipe I try. Cooking is not that hard. All it needs is little patience, right ingredients and lots of LOVE!! This is a small effort to bring the wonders from my kitchen to yours. However if you feel something is not right about my recipe, do not hesitate to write about it. I will for sure take a peek at it.

Comment Policy
I appreciate your comments and feedback as a guest of my site. Please feel free to drop in your comments, let it relate to the topic. This blog is “reader friendly ” and comments that include offensive or inappropriate language would be deleted.

Enjoy the Recipes. Thanks for visiting my site!!

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