Pesarattu Upma

If you are from Andhra region, Pesarattu Upma need no introduction. This dish to me is a brunch dish as this dish will be on heavier side and you will be full by just having couple of these. Every time I make pesarattu, I make extra batter as hubby dear loves this dish.

Typically pesarattu will be greenish in color. The color comes from green husks of the moong dal. My version will be pale yellow in color as I use husk less moong dal. Except for that I did not notice any change in the taste.

The recipe goes like this...


For Batter

2 cups moong dal soaked in water overnight
6 green chillies
small piece of ginger
1 tsp of cumin seeds

For Pesarattu Upma

Pesarattu batter
Chopped onions
Grated carrot


Soak the moong dal for 6 to 8 hours. Give it a good rinse and grind the dal adding little water along with green chillies, ginger and salt to a smooth batter of medium consistency. Add in the cumin seeds and keep the batter aside. 
Make the Upma, chop the onions and grate the carrot.
Heat the tawa or griddle. Pour a ladle full of batter on the pan and spread it from the center with a ladle to form a round shape. Drizzle little oil around and in the center. Let it cook for a minute.
Add couple of tbsp of Upma on one half of the pesarattu. Sprinkle onions and grated carrot. Press the mixture a little bit with a spatula and let everything cook for a minute or two. Then starting from the other half, fold in the pesarattu to the center to form a half moon. 
Flip and let it brown on both the sides. Take it off the griddle onto a plate. Sprinkle some water on the tawa or rub with an quartered onion and repeat the process for rest of the batter.
I can eat my pesarattu upma as is. This dish can be served with mango pickle or ginger pickle or Peanut chutney.


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